Chicken Diseases

In India alone, the poultry production increases at 10% every year making it one of the most sought after business startup.


What poultry farming deals with is the domestication of birds like hens, ducks, geese, etc. where…

Replacing chlorine water treatment With Alstasan Silvox

Water Treatment, a chain of process carried out to purify water with different desired end results. These include physical as well as chemical means. Visible impurities can be removed through physical means like filtration, sedimentation and decantation but…

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Dairy Disinfectant

Dairy farming can be regarded as one of the very few businesses that has routed through every civilization viz. ancient, medieval and modern and the scale has been increasing with every passing year. The byproducts of this business find its place as one of…

Eco-friendly Nematicide: Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Around three-fifth of the world population solely depends on one major sector for their livelihood and survival and that is Agriculture. This sector involves each and every living organism (macroscopic and microscopic) directly…

Know your IAQ

The present world is dealing with some of the major issues, with air pollution being one of them. Life without air is impossible. If correctly written, life without fresh air is impossible. But according to some global reports, the quality of fresh air is degrading…