Combat the Pandemic Outbreak with Silver Hydrogen Peroxide: ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 MIST


Viral infections multiply rapidly, being over communicable, and having the ability to survive on inanimate objects for prolonged durations. These surfaces can be anything, outdoors in park benches, platforms, corridors, or indoors such as counter tops, kitchen surfaces, staircases, etc. Fomites or inanimate objects forming a secondary transmission route of communicable diseases necessitates the use of surface disinfectants for an effective disinfection program.

Not all disinfectants work!

It’s important to understand these attributes:

  • Product efficacy against viruses
  • Humans and environmental impact
  • Immediate or plausible side effects

Hydrogen Peroxide is an eco-friendly sanitizer, we just made it better.

A disinfection program is only as effective as its implementation. It’s not possible to spray, mop every nook and corner of an object, or room. Takes time, effort and risk of cross-contamination with unclean mops and brushes.

Introducing, ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 MIST, 0.5% Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (CDC recommended virucidal formulation) for atomized spraying on skin, fabrics, car, rooms, grocery bags, food packets, vegetable washing, etc. Application of ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 MIST ensures rapid disinfection of application areas within short contact time leaving mist and oxygen. It is proven effective for decontamination of soft surfaces when applied as a spray with no mechanical wiping.


ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 MIST finds its primary application areas in:

  • Closed indoor spaces of residences, commercial and industrial establishments
  • Human walk-through sanitizing tunnels
  • Countertops to regular surfaces
  • Regular Sanitation of operational vehicles
  • Clothes, fabrics, sofas, upholstery, washed laundry
  • Backpacks, grocery bags, washed utensils, woven sacks, cartons, shipping containers
  • Office spaces, warehouses, godowns, hallways, storage areas

Weak solutions of Hydrogen Peroxide has been used as a skin antiseptic for ages. Having a little amount of colloidal silver in it makes it an accelerated hydrogen peroxide, which is a stabilized molecule and is even recommended by CDC (Centre of Disease Control, USA) to be effective with a contact time of 1 minute. The challenge really lies with the stability of the product when diluted with water. As it quickly starts degrading when diluted. Hence it is advisable to use a ready solution of Silver Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide with Stabilizer – ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 MIST. It can be used in body sanitizing with atomized sprayer and human body tunnel. It is highly recommended to disinfect cutlery, glassware, un-cut vegetables and fruits with this product.



ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 MiST has following advantages compared to its contemporaries.

  • Non-toxic by-products, viz. mist and oxygen
  • The colloidal silver in it accelerates the stabilized hydrogen peroxide, making it effective over a broad range of viruses within a contact period of mere 60 seconds.
  • Inhibits cross transmission of pathogens
  • Exclusively formulated under CDC recommendations.
  • Ready to Use formulation
  • Low occupational hazards
  • Odourless, Tasteless, Colourless, no-rinse, food grade product.


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