Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide benefits over Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver Nitrate


Silver has been known for its antimicrobial activity since the Roman times, from storing liquids in silver vessels to treating wounded soldiers in World War I; it has always been a prominent figure in this field. 

Silver hydrogen peroxide is prepared by combining the powerful hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial silver. But conventional preparations of the same include the usage of silver nitrate salt for providing Ag ions. 

Recent advancements!

Nanotechnology has flourished in the recent times, leading to its increased number of applications in daily life. Silver ions in the size range of 10-100nm are classified as nanoparticles. Gaining attention in the recent years, AgNP (Silver Nanoparticles) can be shaped in accordance to its purpose. From simple spheres to complex diamond ones, the applications of nano-Ag are endless.

Powerful than the bigger forms because of their large surface area to volume ratio, increasing the number of Ag ions released per unit mass of silver, thereby involving more ions for the cellular destruction process.

The conventional silver nitrate form of silver administration finds it hard to cope with the nanoparticles mainly, owing to their small size, nano-Ag particles attach themselves to the cellular membrane interrupting with the permeability and metabolic pathways of the cell. Moreover, their action is not limited to the membranes, but bind to the DNA inside preventing its replication.


Nano silver in Silver Hydrogen Peroxide functions in a variety of ways:      

  • Stabilizes the hydrogen peroxide
  • Activates hydrogen peroxide only after dilution
  • Destroys further production of enzymes required for cellular metabolism
  • DNA structure is rearranged and destroyed, rendering microbes incapable of multiplying


Chemtex Speciality Limited globally markets Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide made from a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide IP and Nano Silver particles, under the registered trade name of Alstasan Silvox. 


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