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Know More About The Applications Of Silver Hydrogen Peroxide


Organic Farming Boost in Sikkim

Sikkim, the quiet holiday destination in the mighty Himalayan Mountains has taken a huge step to negate out the dangers of all artificial/synthetic agro-chemicals. The initial steps began with disposing the usage of synthetic fertilizers and…

Non-mutagenic Silver

DNA, we all know it, right? Yes, in 1953 Watson and Crick proposed the double helical structure of DNA and even bagged a Nobel Prize for that later in 1962. Shortened for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA is a double stranded, helical molecule comprising…

Revolution in Organic Farming: Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

The word organic has gained substantial attention in recent years, but why? People are literally done with the usage of synthetic chemicals which act fast but we, humans, those at the end of the line pay a heavy fine.

Nano silver based…

Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide benefits over Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver Nitrate

Silver has been known for its antimicrobial activity since the Roman times, from storing liquids in silver vessels to treating wounded soldiers in World War I; it has always been a prominent figure in this field. 

Silver hydrogen peroxide is prepared…

How Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Nitrate used in Hospital Disinfection?

Human health and well being is the most quintessential aspect in the end. And hospitals cater to our needs when in times of distress. Why not then take adequate measures to keep those premises clean and sanitized reducing the chances of nosocomial infections.