Milk Processing Plant Sanitation


Milk Processing Plant

Milk processing refers to the process involved in the transformation of raw collected milk to homogenized, pasteurized edible form meant for human consumption.


ALSTASAN SILVOX (Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Biodegradable Dairy Disinfectant) serves efficiently and disinfects the following areas of concern involved in the processing of milk to make it safe for consumption.


Air Fumigation/ Aerial Fogging:

This potent biocide is diluted at a given concentration and fumigated using a fogging machine to disinfect areas involved with the collection as well as processing of milk. Some common airborne microbes that may contaminate milk are Bacillus sp., Varicella sp., Influenza virus, Variola virus, Rubeola virus, etc.

Areas of application:

  • Milk collection vessels
  • Milk storage tanks
  • Transportation vessels
  • Processing area fumigation
  • Finished goods Storage area fogging
  • Packaging area fogging
  • Storage vessels/container fumigation
  • Bottling area fumigation
  • Clothing and shoes

Water Disinfection:

A recommended amount of this disinfectant is added to water that may be required for the processing of raw milk, making it safe for consumption. Some common waterborne microbes include Entamoeba sp., Vibrio sp., Giardia sp. etc.

Areas of application:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant sanitation
  • Cooling Tower Disinfection
  • Filtration water sanitation

Surface Sanitation:

Alstasan Silvox is diluted and sprayed safely on surfaces, or circulated through pipelines and conveyers for an appropriate contact time. Milk processing plants harbour variety of microorganisms.

Areas of application:

  • Storage Vessels sanitation
  • Milk collection vessels sanitation
  • Filtration devices sanitation
  • Conveyer belt sanitation
  • Tools and equipment sanitation
  • Clothing and shoes sanitation
  • Tables, walls and floor disinfection
  • Personal Protective Equipment Sanitation
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