Goat Pen/ Barn Disinfection



Class of animal:


Average lifespan:

15 – 18 years

Average water intake (mL/kg/day):



ALSTASAN SILVOX (Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Biodegradable Animal Husbandry Disinfectant) addresses the concerned areas of goat pens/ stalls when used accordingly for the respective media. The no-rinse, no-neutralization property makes its usage hassle-free. Eco-friendly water and oxygen residues make this biocide safe for animals. A full disinfection of goat stalls/ pens can be achieved by:


Air Fumigation/ Aerial Fogging:

Diluted at a given concentration and fumigated using a fogging machine to disinfect an area.

Areas of application:

  • Stall bedding disinfection
  • Feed storage area fumigation
  • Storage tank disinfection
  • Milk house disinfection

Effective against:

  • Anthrax, by Bacillus anthracis identified by fever, and blood drenched nasal, anal exudations
  • Brucellosis, by Brucella melitensis identified by joint and scrotal swellings

Water Disinfection:

A recommended quantity of the product is added to water, rendering it safe and sanitized.

Areas of application:

  • Drinking water sanitation
  • Milk sanitation

Effective against:

  • Pneumonia, by Pasteurella multocida identified by fever, coughing, reduced appetite and weight gain, mucosal discharges

Surface Sanitation:

A dilution of this sanitizer can be used to safely spray on surfaces, or circulated through pipelines for an appropriate contact time for clean disinfected surfaces.

Areas of application:

  • Stall bedding disinfection
  • Milk stand surface sanitation
  • Storage tank disinfection
  • Milk house disinfection

Effective against:

  • Enterotoxaemia, by Clostridium sp., identified by sudden death, with mucosal diarrhoea
  • Foot rot, by Fusobacterium necrophorum identified by inflammation in the foot region
  • Mastitis, by a complex of Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli is noted by gangrenous foot region
  • Coccidiosis, by Eimeria sp., identified by blood drenched faeces 
For knowing the exact dosage and method of application for your given requirement, please refer to our Chemtex representative or email us your requirement at silvox@silverhydrogenperoxide.com or call us at +91-896-111-1111


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