Horse Stable Disinfection



Class of animal:


Average lifespan:

25 – 30 years

Average water intake (L/day)

: 35 – 40 


ALSTASAN SILVOX (Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Biodegradable Animal Husbandry Disinfectant) addresses the concerned areas of stables when used accordingly for the respective media. The no-rinse, no-neutralization property makes its usage hassle-free. Eco-friendly water and oxygen residues make this biocide safe for animals.

Air Fumigation/ Aerial Fogging:

This effective biocide is diluted at a given concentration and fumigated using a fogging machine to disinfect an area.

Areas of application:

  • Tack room/ Break room disinfection
  • Feed room disinfection
  • Drive bay disinfection
  • Vet room disinfection

Effective against:

  • Strangles, by Streptococcus sp. is identified by upper respiratory tract infection
  • Pleuropneumonia, by Rhodococcus equi is identified by weight loss, respiratory disorders and dullness
  • Horse flu, by equine influenza A type 2 virus, is identified by fever, harsh sounding cough, loss of appetite, green-yellow nasal discharges, and lethargy
  • Glanders, by Burkholderia mallei is identified by ulcers on nasal membranes and skin which excrete pus

Surface Sanitation:

Horse stable surfaces are safely disinfected by spraying on them an appropriate dilution of Alstasan Silvox. 

Areas of application:

  • Tack/ Break room disinfection
  • Feed room disinfection
  • Vet room disinfection
  • Saddle sanitation

Effective against:

  • Salmonellosis, by Salmonella enterica, is identified by dehydration, fever, watery faeces, abdominal inflammation leading to discomfort
  • Strangles, by Streptococcus sp. is identified by upper respiratory tract infection
  • Rotaviral diarrhoea, by Rotavirus is identified by severe diarrhoea with green/gray exudates
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