Wheat Cultivation Disinfection



Scientific name:

Triticum sp.

Soil type:

Fertile, well drained, well aerated


10 – 24 oC


5.5 - 7.5


ALSTASAN SILVOX (Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Biodegradable Agriculture Disinfectant) addresses the following areas of concern without causing harmful/toxic effects.


Method of application:

Regular treatment by Spray method:

A solution of this disinfectant is sprayed on the wheat plants once in every 7-15 days which helps in treating the following diseases:

  • Xanthomonas campestris causes light lesions along the leaf margins, which may develop into purple black if at the apex

Regular treatment by Drench method:

A fair dilution of this disinfectant is drenched to each plant every 15-30 days. Helps in treating the following diseases of wheat:

  • Fusarium sp. causes fusarium scab, identified by newly formed bleached heads, with visible orange or pink fungal masses at the base of the infected seeds
  • Pseudomonas syringae causes basal glume rot, identified by dull brown to black discolouration of the seeds
For knowing the exact dosage and method of application for your given requirement, please refer to our Chemtex representative or email us your requirement at silvox@silverhydrogenperoxide.com or call us at +91-896-111-1111


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