Cocopeat Sterilization


Cocopeat/ Soil less Media

Growing hydroponically in a range of substrates (pine bark, coco peat, peat moss, rice husk or a combination of these ingredients) can be a good alternative to regular soil but cocopeats can harbour pathogens such as Pythium sp., etc., requiring their timely disinfection. A solution of Alstasan Silvox can be made and the cocopeat is allowed to soak for 4-6 hours till soggy wet. It is recommended to sterilize the cocopeat before and after every usage to prevent cross contamination.


ALSTASAN SILVOX (Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Biodegradable Agriculture Disinfectant) addresses the following areas of concern without causing harmful/toxic effects.


Soil Disinfection:

An appropriate dilution of this product can be sprayed on the peat or saplings, or dripped to the root zone areas to ensure cocopeat disinfection. Bacterial cankers, fungal damping off, nematode infestations are some of the common problems faced. 

Areas of application:

  • Peat bed fumigation
  • Saplings disinfection
  • Seeds disinfection
  • Mulches fumigation

Surface Sanitation:

A dilution of this sanitizer can be safely sprayed on surfaces, or circulated through pipelines for an appropriate contact time. Surfaces are prone to gastrointestinal, cutaneous and respiratory diseases.

Areas of application:

  • Tools and equipment sanitation
  • Filtration devices disinfection
  • Pipeline disinfection
  • Drip lines and nozzles disinfection
  • Peat cup disinfection
  • Capillary mat disinfection
  • Sand bed sanitation

Water Disinfection:

A recommended quantity of the product is added to water, rendering it safe for use. Some common waterborne diseases include typhoid, dysentery, cholera, etc.

 Areas of application:

  • Irrigation water disinfection 
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