Enhance IAQ of Closed Spaces with Air Fumigation: ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 FUME


Chemists around the world have shown considerable interest in various aspects and working of Hydrogen Peroxide as a disinfectant at different concentration. Over the past few years, it has been observed by them that a mere 0.5% of Hydrogen Peroxide shows excellent antiviral property within 60 seconds of application, reason being a strong oxidizing agent which helps in eliminating harmful microorganisms wherever used. It oxidizes the cell molecules, rupturing its whole structure and deactivating its ability to replicate. With silver, it has relatively wider range of biocidal (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal) pursuits than other disinfecting chemicals. Since Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and silver shows excellent anti-microbial property, their chemical combination brings a lot to the table as a rapid yet effective disinfecting agent with limited or rather no toxicity.

Taking the above ideas into consideration, We at Chemtex Speciality Limited have come up with a brand new formulation which on application forms a cloudy effect and decontaminates the air spaces laden with airborne pathogens, which then settles down onto the walls, floors and other flat surfaces, sanitizing harmful bacteria, virus, fungi, mold and other disease causing pathogens.


Chemtex Speciality Limited presents ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 FUME, a 0.5% accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide with Aloe Vera extracts and Stabilizers, scientifically proven to fumigate your rooms, cabins, shops, storage areas, showrooms, studios, clinics, restaurant, salons, schools, kitchens, boutique, theatres, furniture, upholstery, air vents, kitchen, workplaces, cars, and other enclosed spaces of residential, commercial and industrial entities.


Application of ALSTASAN SILVOX 150 FUME ensures rapid disinfection of application areas, particularly those which have not been in operation for a longer period of time, resulting in unhealthy environment and poor indoor air quality. It is a Ready-To-Use fumigant incorporated with Aloe Vera extract which helps in producing good amount of smoke and reaching every corner, ensuring effective spread of the same. The chemical does not engage irritating burning odor, unless the fumigation machine is overheated. It is safe and can be used in presence of human. Convenient to be used with Air Conditioner, it even disinfects its interior ducts and vents.


Why Fumigation and not Spraying, Mopping or Wiping?

There are chances of use chemical to come in physical contact during spraying, wiping or mopping and hence requires proper protection gear to wear, which is not in the case for fumigation. Even there is hardly any residual persistence on application areas with fumigation compared to spraying or mopping where some residues may be left behind and rinsing may be required. The biggest advantage that fumigation has is that the process can disinfect in and around the total enclosed application area whereas spraying or mopping is limited to only target areas subjected to same dilution rate, making fumigation economical.


Primary Application Areas

  • Closed indoor surfaces of Residences, Commercial and Industrial sectors
  • Countertops to Regular Surfaces
  • Sanitation of Operational Vehicles
  • Fabric, Leather, Backpacks, Grocery Bags, Woven Sacks, Cartons, Shipping Containers
  • Office Spaces, Warehouses, Godowns, Hallways, Storage Areas




  • Environment friendly disinfectant, degrades into water and oxygen post application
  • Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial ensuring wide efficacy over microorganisms
  • Ready-to-Use formulation
  • Non-tainting, non-staining nature; does not add/ alter taste and smell
  • No toxic fumes unlike conventional fumigants like chlorine, formalin, bromine, etc.
  • Works on a short contact period without any gaps in efficacy
  • Odourless, tasteless, Colourless, no-rinse, food grade product.
  • Works on odoriferous bacteria, de-odorizing rooms
  • TCF (Total Chlorine Free), Aldehyde free

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