How Silver Hydrogen Peroxide can be effective in dental clinics


Hospital Disinfection has always been one of the prime concerns for safe disinfection, since nosocomial infections is now quite a heard term, and both patients and doctors are exposed to blood and saliva on a daily basis. Blood and saliva contains considerable amounts and varieties of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, mostly causal for flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, hepatitis, etc.

Studies have shown that 20% of dentists, 13% of assistants, and nearly 17% of the staff have been exposed to Hepatitis B and many suffer acute/ chronic effects of the same. Sterilization through autoclaving is important but cross contamination occur before, since many thermophilic bacterial spores are resistant to pressurized steam as well. The correct procedures incorporate disinfection, and then sterilize the same to remove microbes and spores. Bacterial spores are most resistant to biocides.

Endospores are hard, non reproductive coverings secreted by many gram positive bacteria, and are the sole reason behind their resistance to most DNA damaging chemicals and Ultra Violet Light. The two methods mostly employed to disinfect the same. The thing about silver hydrogen peroxide is that it is a blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver, which works on a dual basis oxidizing the spores on a contact basis, with the silver dissembling the DNA. Problem solved, right?

So, why not use just an oxidizer? Or silver? An oxidizer would of course be effective on the sporulation but would fail to determine the long lastingness of the same and since there is no antimicrobial silver to dissemble the DNA which would sooner build up resistance for the same.

And silver, well it cannot even break the shell to reach the core by itself.

Apart from this, silver hydrogen peroxide is short lived but silver has strong antibacterial effects, with broad spectrum effectiveness. Together this blend of hydrogen peroxide and silver is nearly as twenty times more powerful than hydrogen peroxide alone. This solution is natural, colourless and does not stain dental equipments. It is non corrosive and odourless in nature. Being a multipurpose disinfectant, it is used to sanitize the water supplies as well. To know more, feel free to read about the product.


Chemtex Speciality Limited globally markets Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide made from a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide IP and Nano Silver particles, under the registered trade name of Alstasan Silvox.



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