How to effectively control Nematodes in the field?


Managing nematodes has never been easy. Already existing infestation can be taken care of by methods like crop rotation, fallowing and soil solarization. But the most reliable practices are preventive, involving sanitation and choice of plant varieties.

Among the disinfecting methods, farmers apply organic chemicals like neem cake, neem oil and others but these have been found to be harmful and leave behind toxic residues.

Looking for a non-toxic and long lasting solution for combating nematodes? We have the perfect answer to your queries!


Soil treatment with Silver Hydrogen Peroxide has been found to be more effective and leaves a long lasting effect against nematodes. Chemtex Speciality Limited has formulated Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide that has an upper hand to conventional Hydrogen Peroxide with Silver Nitrate.

Silver Nano Particles:

  • Attaches itself to the surface of the cell membrane, interrupting permeability and metabolic pathways of the cell
  • Not only interact with the membrane surface, but can also penetrate the bacterial cell membrane.
  • In addition, they can bind to the DNA inside the microbial cells, preventing its replication.
  • It has been discovered that nano Ag particles can damage the bacterial cell membrane structure and reduce the activity of some membranous enzymes.

Chemtex Speciality Limited globally markets Nano Silver Hydrogen Peroxide made from a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide IP and Nano Silver particles, under the registered trade name of Alstasan Silvox.


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