Silver Hydrogen Peroxide based Dairy Disinfectant


Dairy farming can be regarded as one of the very few businesses that has routed through every civilization viz. ancient, medieval and modern and the scale has been increasing with every passing year. The byproducts of this business find its place as one of the most important and regular product in daily use household ingredients. Items like milk, butter, cream, cheese, ice-cream, etc. are more or less often used by eight out of ten heads, showing the broad range it covers. If these products are processed and delivered under unhygienic or unsuitable conditions, there is a possibility to have increased microbial contamination which would directly affect the consumer health. Therefore, it is mandatory for every dairy processing plants to keep their surroundings clean and disinfected.

Dairy Disinfectant, chemicals that aid in removal of harmful pathogens as well as micro-organism capable of spreading infections in the dairy products, affecting consumer’s health. Let us consider an example of the most consumed dairy byproduct, Milk. Cattle shelters are the only sources of milk and it is prone to various contagious germs and infection carrying pathogens. These pathogens by any chance if gets mixed and processed, then the damage it can cause cannot be even imagined, mostly to children. So it is very necessary to combat these pathogens with proper disinfectant which would eradicate them as well as not produce any harmful by products.      

Dairy Industry contributes about 6-8% to GDP of India and holds a good market share in global business. In fact, India tops the world market in terms of milk production.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide works as a dairy disinfectant which provides high efficacy in eliminating disease spreading harmful micro-organisms and pathogens from almost all types of application areas without leaving any kind of toxic residues on the same. Hydrogen peroxide being highly volatile, releases free OH radicals and on contact with micro-organisms, kills them. The silver quickly stabilizes the peroxide and store its activities for further use without allowing it to degrade. This chemical alliance shows excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and effectively eradicates harmful micro-organisms and also prevents further replication of those parasites as the silver present in the compound alters the DNA structure of those micro-organism, inhibiting any kind of further reproduction. This synergized blend provides high efficacy in cleaning as well as disinfecting almost all the dairy farm surroundings like air, water, soil and surface, manifesting every property of an ideal disinfectant.

An ideal disinfectant should have following characteristics:

  • Rapid action and cater to wide spectrum
  • Ensure longevity of application areas
  • Eco-friendly
  • Making the pathogens incapable of further replication i.e. preventive as well as curative treatment

Chemtex Speciality Limited is an esteemed manufacturer of Alstasan Silvox, a synergized blend of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver particles in presence of a catalyst, stabilized for use as multipurpose, highly effective disinfectant for use in various applications found in dairy, agro, fisheries, poultry, potable water and other process industry. Alstasan Silvox is a universal biocide and disinfects air, water, soil and surface.

The Features that Alstasan Silvox shows are:

  • Effectiveness over a broad range of micro-organisms
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-tainting and Non-staining product
  • Does not leave any toxic residues
  • Destroys bio-film
  • Multi-application product

Alstasan Silvox addresses the concerned areas of cattle sheds which are mostly prone to infection and contamination. At an effective concentration, Alstasan Silvox disinfects the surroundings of dairy products processing centers, inhibiting the growth and spreading of micro-organisms and the non-toxic byproducts makes it safe for animals.


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